CityIndex Financial Spread Betting

CityIndex started offering financial spread betting more than 22 years ago. While the market has changed immensely over the last 22 years, the advantages of the product have not. In a nutshell the appeal of CityIndex to private traders and investors is as follows:

  • Profits are tax-free*
  • There is no commission charge – but clients pay a spread
  • UK stocks are exempt from UK stamp duty*
  • Speculate on both falling and rising prices
  • Speculate on margin

* Refers to UK Capital Gains Tax regime and UK Stamp Duty. Tax laws may change.

CityIndex Financial Binary Betting

City Index has integrated its sister company Binexx into the existing City Index trading platform. Binary betting is a new product that was first introduced into the UK in 2003. The dictionary defines binary as ‘composed of, or involving, two things’. So a binary bet is one with only two possible outcomes and with fixed odds at the outset when the bet is placed. Will the FTSE 100 close up at the end of the day - yes or no? Will the Tesco share price finish up at the end of the week - yes or no? Most people using binary betting prefer the fast, exciting opportunities that it offers – even in a static or falling market. They support their decisions with technical research, charting, statistical analysis or just instinct - binary betting can be as simple or as sophisticated as you chose to make it.

CityIndex CFDs (Contracts for Differences)

Contracts for Difference were up until the late 1990’s almost exclusively used by the big City institutions, such as banks, brokers and hedge funds. From then on the retail traders and investors caught up with the phenomenon and it is estimated that as much as 30% of the volume in the FTSE 100 stocks is due to CFD trading. CFDs allow the investor to trade at exactly the same price as the underlying market, while only putting a fraction of the value down as deposit. For the active investor in UK companies there is no Stamp Duty to pay* and the investor has the opportunity to go “short” stocks as well as “long”.

* CFDs are subject to UK Capital Gains Tax. Profits may be taxable and losses may be relievable.

CityIndex Advisory Services

City Index Advisory Services is a brand new service aimed at those who like to add an extra dimension to their trading and investing. CIAS is run by Richard Cunningham, Managing Director of City Index Advisory, a familiar name in the financial industry and a regular technical analyst on business TV stations, including CNBC. Proactive in the CFD and spread bet arena since inception, his team will draw on their considerable experience and track record to help clients finesse their trading styles and risk management techniques.

Markets covered will include UK FTSE 350 equities, major currencies, stock indices and gold. Clients will also be offered the opportunity to enter a discretionary management agreement while maintaining absolute transparency over their own segregated margin account.

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Important information on margin trading

Unlike CityIndex Spread Betting, City Index CFD Trading and City Index Advisory, which are all regulated by the Financial Service Authority, binary betting is not regulated as it is classified as a fixed odds product.

Spread betting and CFDs are leveraged products and can result in losses that can quickly exceed your initial margin or deposit. It may not be suitable for everyone, so please make sure you understand the risk involved.

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